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Kasada held every month Kasada day-14 in the Javanese calendar was held ceremonies offering sacrifices to gods or Sang Hyang Widhi and the ancestors, the story of Anteng Roro (daughter of King Majapahit) and Joko Seger (son of Brahmin) "origin of the Tengger tribe is taken from the name behind both "Rara pair Anteng and Jaka Seger build settlements and then ruled the region as Purbowasesa Mangkurat Tengger Tengger Ing, which has the meaning" Lord of the Tengger Budiman ". They are not in the gift of the child so that they do meditation or meditate to Sang Hyang Widhi, suddenly there was a magical voice saying that they would come true meditation but with the condition when it is getting descent, the youngest child to be sacrificed to the crater of Mount Bromo.

Atmosphere Kasada ceremony at Mount Bromo
Roro pair Anteng and Jaka Seger menyanggupinya and then he got 25 sons and daughters, but the instinct of parents still do not lose heart when her son and daughter. In short pair Jaka Seger and Rara Anteng broken promises, God became angry with threatening to inflict evil, then there was the tempest state into darkness, the crater of Mount Bromo spewing fire.
Kesuma, youngest son flames licked out of sight and into the crater of Bromo, concurrent loss of unseen voice Kusuma, "My brothers and sisters whom I love, I have been victimized by our parents and Sang Hyang Widhi save you all. Live peaceful and serene, worship the Hyang Widhi. I remind you that every month Kasada on the 14th day hold offerings to Sang Hyang Widhi in the crater of Mount Bromo ". This custom was followed for generations by the Tengger and Kasada ceremony is held every year at Poten sea of ​​sand and crater of Mount Bromo.
As Hindus, Tengger tribe does not like Hindus in general, have temples as places of worship, but when doing worship housed in punden, danyang and potent.

Potent a piece of land in a sea of ​​sand as the venue for the ceremony Kasada. As a place of worship for the Hindu Tengger people, potent consists of several buildings set in an arrangement of composition in the yard which is divided into three mandala / zone.

Pura Luhur Poten Bromo
1. First.
Main Mandala also called offal is the venue for cult worship. Mandala itself consists of Padma serves as a place of worship of Almighty God. Padma similar shape temple that was developed complete with pepalihan, not on the roof which consists of the so-called side: legs, body / head shelf and called sari is equipped with Bedawang, Nala, Garuda, and Geese.
Nala Beawang depicts a giant tortoise supports padmasana, wrapped by one or two dragons, eagle and swan flying position behind the lotus body each according to portray mythological grandeur of form and function padmasana.
Sekepat building (four poles) or larger is at the side of the building sehadapan worship / Padmasana, facing east or in accordance with the orientation of the building and open worship all four sides. Its function for the presentation ceremony or activity means a series of ceremonies. Bale Pawedan and shamans place during worship.
Bentar Kori Agung Temple, shaped like the statue head wearing a crown loop rectangular or square, terraced lot smaller on top with square structure in terms of four or more sides with sides about alit fathoms, fathoms or fathoms glorious middle. Building height can range from as large or as high as about 100 meters of the monument to allow also made higher by observing the beauty of the temple proportions.
2. Second.
Madya Mandala called Jaba the middle, where the ceremonial preparation and accompaniment consists of Kori Agung Temple Bentar, looks similar to the monument, his head wearing a crown loop rectangular or square, terraced lot smaller on top with square building, rectangular or square, many with edges around the alit fathoms, fathoms middle, glorious fathoms.
Bale Kentongan, called bale kul-kul is located in the corner of the front yard of the temple, side: shape arrangement, shelf, cider and roof coverings kul-kul/kentongan room. Its function is to place kul-kul who sounded early, late and limited time of a series of ceremonies. Bengong Bale, also called holy pewarengan Jaba located between the middle / intermediate mandala, mandala insult / Jaba side. Rectangular shape of the building a row of elongated pole or two-two or more building area to the kitchen. Its function is to prepare the presentation ceremony needs to be prepared in the temple which is generally far from the village settlements.
3. Third.
Nista Mandala called Jaba side of the transition point from the outside to the inside of the temple consists of temple briefly buildings / other supporting buildings. Temple courtyard bounded by a boundary wall penyengker entrance in the front yard or in the middle jabaan / hand wear temple briefly and the main entrance to the innards wear Kori Agung.
Penyengker wall kori agung temple briefly and there are various forms of creation according to the variety and beauty of its architecture. Building temples are generally facing west, entering the temple toward the east as well as worship and praying facing east toward the rising sun.


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